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Half a Century. My Life. My Reality. My Family. My Dreams. My Happiness. My Sadness. My Joy. My Sons. My Abusers. My Truth. My Voice. My Justice. How Mindcontrol games & Manipulation Kills Innocent Children & the Evil Games Played. – For my 2 Beautiful Boys mammy never stopped loving you. I miss you both so very much. X x

It’s my eldest sons 16th Birthday Today. I wish I could have seen him. I wish I could have seen him smile. I wish I could have heard him laugh. I wish I could have wished him Happy Sweet 16. TO give him a Cwtch. TO tell my son I Love you my big boy. Time has flown by so fast. Our time together cut short. Time I think has run out.

How has time been warped that it has got us here today? Life is very cruel & unkind. There is NO JUSTICE on this EARTH, all 3 off us have not done or deserved the wrongs done unto us. My Love for you both is for eternity. I only now exist, my life flame has been blown out with you both gone. I have been fighting now for so many years, have fallen down & still fight for you both getting up.

But I am old now. My body hurts. And my mind more. I know I will never see or hear either of you again. Feels like this daily torture there no way out. No answer. No solution. I have asked so many for help. Nobody cares. Time is Tick Tick Ticking away. Our Life’s together stolen away. Our family torn apart. Dreams smashed. Ripped apart with lies, excite & distorted truth. Prisoners on death row, are shown more empathy & kindness by strangers, THAT our own flesh & blood, in their sick false reality bubble.